Half-way there. Still working on my new novel connecting chess with human relations and politics. It has been a suspenseful journey into chess strategy and tactics. Mostly strategy and many revelations have come on the way.

In a similar way I’m exploring human relations with a cold approach. As time on the net and in closed environments has its good points but clearly not successful (to me) as they are too constrained. Better to approach strangers in selected places as long as one keeps that simple, low-key and adjust one’s methods according to the wholeness of particular times and places.

Chess strategy has already helped me immensely even in real life. As strategies and tactics used in chess can be applied to everyday circumstances. This is a topic I will delve more deeply into in my new novel. And combining this knowledge with studies in modern psychology, the natural sciences and human history.

My prior phase of self-discovery (culminating in my discoveries in South-East Asia and later western Europe and South Africa) led me to revelations that drastically improved my life.

But the more recent phase of interpersonal inquiry and logical deduction has been much, much more rewarding. As an understanding of human history to a large degree has changed my view of revolutions, war and peace.

Resulting in a scientific understanding of power. (And how it operates according to local contexts in space and time).

One thinker on this path is the American author Robert Greene that has used the same method of inquiry. To transcend human notions of war, power and attraction. Not for selfish purposes but in order to transform how we look at these concepts from an enlightened perspective.

These writings have changed my life for the better.