Continuing with my experiences with social encounters and events, chess strategy and other bilateral thinking models. It has paid off much better than expected.

So much in fact that my previous travels look pale in comparison. The travel journeys were adventurous to say the least. But my social experience have made me adjust my preconceived notions of people in general.

I can say that my respect for Swedish people have increased by a great margin. It was rather difficult in periods to overcome the fear of being ridiculed. But I have found out that some self-confidence, some adjustment to the social scenes at hand and some will to overcome initial suspicion made me overcome my previous introverted nature.

Social encounters have made me firm in a new belief that success in social contexts has more to do with a personal mind-set and less to do with strangers.

When it comes down to chess I feel completely elevated. The game has taught me the importance of putting emotions aside to watch the wholeness of the game unfold. Also to play more and evaluate less. As it’s easy to come to fast conclusions regarding the game but more experience has taught me that the game is too complex to be open to fast analysis.

Thinking in new terms but having a great arsenal of previous games in mind to find new solutions adjusted to past experience fitting for actual chess. As I have seen life unfold the latest months I have started to see that life very much have amounted to the same thing.

I’m reading a lot and that discipline have helped me on my path to find interesting things to say in conversations. Also being open to new experience (the totality of the scene) and gaining much more experience in social contexts instead of attempting philosophical evaluations.

A lot of principles can be derived from chess itself and many times those principles can be put to use in social contexts. As the game (a hypothesis of mine) was created to sustain intellectual development.

These are things that have crept into the synopsis of my new novel. Some kind of beast coming alive around the time of the second world war. In Nazi Germany primarily.

I’m also laying the ground for the operation of a new political system. Fitting for chess culture and great nations in general. That means anarchism to put it in some perspective. But simply not the concept “anarchism” derived from other sources.

It’s something more radical.