The cover for my new war time novel connecting chess with relationships, money and power. The novel is still in the research stages though.

Still evaluating what chess can teach regarding life as a whole. And I have come to some conclusions: It is that chess changes the way one thinks. Getting away from simplistic solutions to evaluate life with a more complex approach. With rigor and structure. Seeing limitations. And countless principles building on the game to start to see life as a battlefield. Still not with a heartless attitude. Rather with discipline resulting in a more humanistic approach.

This might not be the case for all players though.

As for the game itself I have become a better player. But I’m playing against a software program. With clever algorithms. So it’s still very difficult to display a real threat towards this opponent.

What I have learnt is to get away from simplistic solutions and start to evaluate the game with many more principles. The challenge have been to integrate the different aspects of tactics and strategy. And the wisdom have been to play more and think less. Getting experience to transcend the simplistic notions of the game.

I estimate that I need two hundred more games to become an average player. And that is one of the hard facts of life. That the mastering of a new area demands patience.