Still advancing on my quest to become a better chess player. And I have played 5-6 games since my last post. What I have learnt since last time is that position evaluation skills, combined with short term tactics (evaluating 2-3 moves ahead) have made me a little bit more adept to combat my software chess program.

Still this software program has the advantage to a good margin. But one of my beginner weaknesses was that I earlier put too much effort in strategy and not so much in short term tactics.

Also I have learnt that it’s very important to find the way to original moves as the software on my reading device probably uses a deterministic algorithm to evaluate the game according to games played in the past.

What is needed is the exact and holistic approach to evaluate the whole chessboard 2-3 moves ahead. It’s a daunting task but a task I have taken upon myself to improve in the game. As I also have started to see this kind of thinking improve life as a whole. When it comes down to it I perceive life as a collection of choices changing the way one walks around in life.

And it’s all about the right choices.

Finding structure in this discipline and a fast evaluating mind that can adapt behaviour to the external scene at hand have changed the way I think about life in general.

Still it’s too much to say this is the answer to all problems. Far from that. Just the observation that becoming a fast and structured thinker have helped me immensely in the way I choose to craft my life (this has been going on for a couple of years since I ended my international travels) and that I have seen large benefits due to that approach.

And money, power and relationships can be thought of in a new way resulting in personal victories.

It’s just the beginning.