Finished with a new short story “Erratic Pain” about a half-way blinded outlaw on a hunt for a dark knight. It is a story of beauty and wonder describing a fantasy setting and aiming to bend the rules of the genre. Also there is a theme of seeing and perception.

It is now available to be downloaded here on this blog.

Also continuing the work on “Beginners”. My new war-time novel connecting chess with relationships, money and power. The work that is exploring what chess can teach us regarding life as a whole. I’m going for a semi-professional mind-set of getting more routine regarding my writing projects. Just to get things done. Doing it for passion of course but infusing structure into the work.

Also I’m working in parallel with a new major science-fiction work “Insignificant”. Describing the memoirs of a future colony worker living in a rare solar-system close to a blue giant and this worker’s life seen with subjective glasses.

When I’m not writing I’m exploring nature around Vasteras, Sweden. Playing chess, meeting people and trying to earn money using unconventional strategies and tactics.

Hopefully making this knowledge creep into the writing of “Beginners”.

Stay tuned!