Sometimes when I’m writing I can sense I’m searching for something but that I can’t define this idea with authenticity. It’s like I’m writing about one thing and something else emerges on paper.

I can honestly say that I have found my way around this problem. One of the problems were that I sometimes wasn’t direct in my self-expression. Meaning I tried too hard to impress myself with anything transcending my creative capacity.

I wrote science-fiction but I was aiming for the remote stars. Not the harsh and more realistic approach to write like my heroes in the field. Meaning Robert Heinlein, Stanislaw Lem and Arthur C. Clarke (Among others). Not that I wanted to imitate these giants. Just that I rarely was searching for a more realistic approach to complement a creative vision with rugged realism.

But it’s more to it.

It’s that I have found my way to nature here in Sweden. It has been going on for a couple of years. Still I have made a lot of progress concerning my scientific approach to learn about the facts of nature. Not with a calculating and cold attitude but rather as a way to immerse myself into natural environments.

The realization is that nature is inventive. Orderly with a random evolutionary pattern allowing certain breakthroughs such as emergence on a biological level.

Nature is flowering with beauty on all levels of experience. And with these facts at disposal it’s easier to imagine plausible worlds within a science-fiction context. Getting real. Getting down to earth. Finding the way to world-building and solid character work beyond the shallow conventions of genre-literature.

Building on research into human nature. Getting grounded in something speaking to the human heart, mind and soul.

I have had a lot to gain from getting creative to transcend the power of my earlier works. Still sometimes I have tried too much to impress myself with the stretching of creative muscles. It has been better to settle down, go slow, get real and to enjoy the journey to uncover facts never understood with precision earlier.

Especially in works of science-fiction with a human component.

There’s more to it too.

It’s that I earlier wrote more with an emotional angle. I didn’t use a systems oriented intellectual model to uncover details of the actual worlds, events and characters described. I couldn’t catch the true purpose of the content described. Especially not the big strokes coming from a more experienced mind-set.

A mind that can penetrate the material investigated to distil the obvious. Just being “obvious” for a true genius working in the field. It’s a question of context. To some extent I earlier couldn’t build a correct model of the material investigated.

It had to do with lack of a systems oriented approach building on a lot of high-quality material and logical deduction. To see the obvious. The things that are truly interesting from a human point of view. Having relevance, intellectual depth and emotion resonating with the human heart, mind and soul.

That’s what I’m aiming for in my new science-fiction novel “Insignificant”.

It will not be written especially fast this time. I’m rather writing to immerse myself in a slow process with great attention to research. A process of write and rewrites to find the true essence of my vision.

It’s about the life of a woman on a future colony in interstellar space. Her reflection upon her life in the form of memoirs. Describing her childhood, adolescence and adult life from a subjective viewpoint. Getting under the skin of this character. And describing what her life meant to her. Concerning her victories and defeats.

I’m aiming for improvements.