I don’t want to scare my readers away. It is something I have realized by real life experience. And that is that most of my readers aren’t interested by my new mode of intellectual progress compared to my previous emotional stage resulting in the writing of Alien Forever: The Novel.

I have to be honest though. I look upon myself as an individual with a good sense of intellectual powers. Many people have said that I am a genius but if that is so have to be a subjective interpretation from your part.

Don’t be alarmed by my new mode of consciousness. I’m still very much interested in the mode of dark/individualistic/erotic power described by stories such as “Alien Forever: The Novel” and “Fading Blue Sun And White Amber The Black Magician”. My new short story “Erratic Pain” is all these things and more.

Alien Forever: The Novel is my most popular book. Now having around 2500 reads on Booksie.com and still counting. It is almost like listening to a tune from gothic rock bands such as “London After Midnight”, “Bauhaus” or “David Bowie”. I’m proud of it. And it has very much to do with my philosophy of survival and reproduction. Delving into ego, hate and darkness to push Christianity away. Not by burning churches but rather as an aesthetic thing. Just requiring emotional investment.

What makes me what I am is my mode of counter-culture. Coming from the basement. Pure anarchy. Extending this mode of being to never want to be like others (with additional skills of adaptation) to present something new, daring and different. And still giving way for emotional investment and clarity of vision.

Some things can be said about money too. I’m doing this for personal power, self-discovery and writing pleasure (including music). I don’t want to mix this passion with money as that would make me adapt to a mode of writing suitable for the masses.

I stand by my philosophy of being pure. Free from all concepts of what writing “should be” and just doing my thing. I attract dark occultists. Counter-culture giants, free artists and readers/writers that search for the fun. Not the big paycheck and absolutely not beings that want to conform to a mode of goodness.

Don’t be afraid of my new mode of intellect as it mostly is required to push beyond initial limitation. To really create something with emotional resonance in the end. My new short story “Erratic Pain” should be a good example of that.

It is my most emotional story written this far.

Mostly individualistic.