It’s a fun thing. How things changes. I have gone from the shy guy with not much to say to became a real author (In the sense that I’m aiming for true art and to reach out to many readers around the globe) and to succeed in social contexts too. It is about my quest to overcome my introverted nature and to also succeed socially in the end.

Had a night in Vasteras, Sweden a week ago were I met a group of party animals to discuss such topics as the rules of attraction, communication skills and psychology. It went beyond my initial calculations. I have became a real author and also someone that can express that kind of thinking patterns to others aiming for a similar life style.

I think my new science-fiction story “Insignificant” can prove my new found approach to telling stories. That is that I invest much more time to find something that really interests me and to write from that kind of mind-set all along the way. And to also adopt a sense of style and language that fits the kind of story I’m trying to tell. But it doesn’t end with e-Books. These kind of thinking patterns have also made their way into how I craft my life. Especially in social contexts.

Nowadays I’m much more excited to apply for unconventional jobs. Bartending in this case. To apply for a job as a bartender on cool places close to the place where I live. I haven’t done the real part of the work yet but I estimate (built on talks with likeminded individuals) that I have a pretty good chance of success.

I’m doing it for the social experience but also for the chance of intellectual development this new career presents. For the money, for the chance to test my knowledge in areas such as psychology. Getting away from the abstract ideas to test them in real life. And to change approach if that is necessary.

I wrote a short story “Lost In New America” some time ago which represents the destiny of a typical guy that is aiming for an unconventional way to progress in his career. It was a horrifying blend of statements regarding the professional pursuit he had chosen but also a somewhat comforting message of adjusting to the parameters given in a capitalist society working by supply and demand.

I’m going for a similar trajectory myself. But this time of creating a business maybe specializing in odd bartending. Serving odd dishes and having an alternative choice of music and atmosphere.

I’m pulling myself out of my comfort zone step by step to attend seminars and later to have lectures on my own. Just to plant the message of research and innovation in areas such as writing, small business, rules of attraction and much more of the same kind.

My new novel “Beginners” about a couple of chess players during the time of the second world war will explore ideas such as these and present a path to the future with knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses (Primarily weaknesses) concerning the path to succeed in life beyond the chess game itself.

It’s surely a thrill ride.