Ok. Now I have been doing some research concerning job opportunities in the field of bartender jobs. And cafe jobs to add to that. And it has turned out that this field is interesting to me. Just because it presents good opportunities to get social at work. Also to get a bit physical to balance my interest in writing (An intellectual discipline) with more physical elements.

I worked as a personal assistant in the past. And that job was social too. But it was a little bit depressing due to the kind of people I had to work with. The individuals I worked with were a little bit too depressed to make me elevate in spirit so to speak. But it was a good experience on the other hand leading me to this area of bartending jobs and work along those lines. I would also like to became a DJ.

Success is a subtle thing. Subtle in the sense that it can hardly be reduced to external factors such as lending a job from a good employer. It has rather to do with a mind-set. The choice to value and perceive job opportunities as a chance to grow in different ways and presenting opportunities to advance in the career path chosen.

Just the decision to push myself beyond my comfort zone to talk to employers and employees have made me more firm in my belief that I’m the right person for these kind of jobs. It happened as I made myself comfortable being myself (and pushing beyond) in social contexts. Not playing too hard to impress. Or seeing myself as a loser. Rather taking it easy and enjoying the moments presented.

I have adopted a stoic mind-set of pushing myself beyond my comfort zone with small doses at a time. Getting time for rest. Getting time to adjust to the new experience. As in body-building psychological strength increases as the aspirant pushes himself beyond his/her comfort zone and then easing down to make the body and the psyche adjust to the experience gained.

It is something I had to learn the hard way. And also a point hinted at between the sentences in my new science-fiction story “Insignificant”. And my life have improved because of that.

It’s a new beginning.