ID Software

I have become a bit different from how I was when I started with travel around 2010. Starting with travel journeys into the south parts of Sweden. Extending this to western Europé, India and so on. What made the difference was the realization that the intellect should be the decisive force in life.

That’s why I have become much more interested in intellectual disciplines such as chess and classical music (Mozart and Vivaldi in particular). But also a new found interest in the action packed shooters by ID Software such as Quake II, Doom 3 and Wolfenstein 2. These games are a good asset to train perception, battle-tactics, motor response and other factors. Leading to intellectual development.

In particular I’m very much into the Doom 3 game as it has a unique atmosphere with dread and doom. Not too dissimilar from stories of mine including “The Light Of The Beast” which was loosely inspired by the Doom 3 game.

ID software was a relief from boredom in my younger years as I started with graphics programming on my personal computer. A book written on game programming called “The Black Art of 3D Game Programming” by Michael Abrash pushed my teenager intellect into another dimension. I created a homesite which specialized in graphics programming for the 3dfx graphics chip.

Programming to me is about pushing the envelope to create fast graphics routines that can make it possible to show things never imagined. Today anything is possible though. Game design has started to focus more on story and character development as “photo realism” already is attained. Nowadays it is rather about the imagination. My deepest interest still.

Finding way to new concepts leading the individual to intellectual development.

Connecting further into the area of ID software I’m still amazed by the level design of these masters. As games such as Quake II has a unique atmosphere of claustrofobia, open areas and enemy design that display a threatening presence. But still rewarding the game player with the unlocking of secret areas, power-ups and heavy weapons. To make the individual to first feel threatened and then building power. A good balancing of factors.

I’m working on a computer game myself. Game design, visuals, story, character, sound design and music. It is something transcending my previous works presented on my blog and the continuation homesite. Much larger in scope. The concept is to present a video game to put an end to illuminati rule on earth. Leading the player to areas unveiling secrets about the rulers on earth. How to defeat them, their strengths and weaknesses. And during that conflict to present a way for the player to find leisure to build morale.

I don’t know if this game ever can be made. It demands a large budget, time and effort. I’m a writer mainly but I can promise you that if this game ever is made it will be epic in scope. Even leading the player to secret areas on the moon.

It is a clever push for anarchy.

What should interest readers mostly though is that I have seen the connection between game playing and life itself. The conscious choice to defeat enemies, think fast and responding in particular ways builds morale, intellectual strength and also gives the player a sense of purpose.

Life to me is about the right choices. Choices that demands a free-thinking individual. A topic I described in my latest novel “Beginners” about two chess players playing chess in Nazi Germany before the second world war.

The games by ID software presents a chance to build discipline in these areas. But to me games such as Doom 3 have helped me most in building morale as these games presents a huge threat. A sense of dread and doom that resembles tuff situations in life. From a psychological perspective. Better to indulge in the action and the horror to accept the bleak and hollow death of the individual soul.

Leading to dark enlightenment.