Sometimes you get pretty surprised by events that you at first thought would be your undoing but lately discovered was good for you in ways you just couldn’t predict.

This is how my application for job opportunities have changed the way I think about work and life in general. The realization is that work and the intellectual discipline to master different fields in work have presented opportunities for me to use my intellect to get creative in many ways. Also to learn skills to master these professional pursuits.

It isn’t just about learning different kinds of work. But to be able to present oneself for employers, master psychology to tackle tuff situations and still get a sense of satisfaction from these attempts.

The key insight is that the ideas presented in my fictional works are fine in themselves (From my perspective and many readers too). And those ideas have been tested by myself and others. Tried and tested theories in real life situations such as the meeting of other people. Also testing “happiness” levels from day to day as I have adopted different modes of thought relevant to particular times and places. But traditional work is great in the sense that it is more practical. One can get a good reality check just by assuming a new perspective and testing that perspective in real work scenarios. It is also fuelling creativity in a more practical sense. It is a rush to assume a new perspective, learn some new skills and search for new job opportunities made possible just because one has learned the tricks of the trade.

Watching life become much more easy to conquer.

It was the same when I started to play chess several months ago. To adopt new ideas and then being able to test those ideas in real chess games. Watching fuzzy ideas melt away and strengthening true creativity that arises in the context of a real game environment.

That’s the problem with writing and art in general. That what emerges on page not necessarily has to work in real life. It just has to have a sense of emotional resonance. And being interesting.

So what happened when I started with chess playing and searched for work beyond writing projects, meditation and so on was that I felt a closer connection to reality. To human nature too as our ancestors had to have a strong sense of direction, perception and intellectual capacity to become survivors among other species competing for terrain.

Getting real, getting authentic. And watching writing also improve due to real life experience.

I have started to search more for new job opportunities. Doing it for the money off course but also for the adventure. To apply for jobs I couldn’t handle in the beginning. It is a kind of rush. But a rush demanding an active thinker/participant.

It has changed the way I combine creative pursuits such as writing with more practical elements.

Even martial arts.

But there is more to it: I have learnt that the discipline to earn more money results in the access to an inner reward system that rewards the worker as he/she increases chances for survival and reproduction.

Human life from my perspective is not so much about subjective leanings. It is rather about survival and reproduction and subjective leanings towards different areas has to be combined with knowledge about human nature. That sex, work and family gives birth to an inner reward system resulting in greater happiness levels in the long run.

Work can be tedious, hard and draining. But that is work that lacks a creative angle and doesn’t fit personal goals. I think a healthy approach to work includes a creative angle and also has a sense of adventure. And for me personally good work also has a social element. As we are social animals with a good intellect.

Fighting for reproduction and survival.

What I have done lately is to establish a clear path to professional goals. That I search for jobs in new areas. That I work on my skill set. That I have adopted a mode of adaptation to learn the tricks of the trade. But also to learn from mistakes. To change perspective on temporarily suffering. To enjoy the journey for what it is. To push myself beyond initial limitations. Taking rest in between and then pushing a bit further. Doing it as a passionate attempt to fuse creativity in writing with professional work experience.

Hopefully leading to a more balanced life giving rewards in the long run. Due to the nature of the human body and soul.