My new song ”Randomized II” is the culmination of a period of studying of popular and classic music. To find the essence of the craft: Tonality, intervals, bass lines and much more.

It is building on a concept of combining chance with conscious choice for song-writing. A method used by David Bowie in his music career. But this doesn’t sound like a tune of David Bowie. Rather it is a progressive metal experiment with a sublime element of music ecstasy. Building upon the pentatonic C-Minor scale with additional tones fitting for the work as a whole.

I worked my ass off to present a work transcending my previous attempts that were more about good vocals and darkness and not equally much about song-writing in itself.

You be the judge of the end result. That in my opinion has much in common with Opeth’s music.

The things that made me build on earlier attempts were in my opinion the theory of bridges, bass work, the structure of classical music sonatas, drum work and orchestrations.

It was a joy to write that became much more rewarding in the end due to the attempt to work against lack of structure, find hard discipline and also the act of not repeating myself too much.

I was rewarded for it.

Download the song as a mp3-file here: Randomized II