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Ever wanted a place for passion, an escape from everyday reality?

A place to lose yourself in science-fiction, music, spirituality and more? Passion for late nights and fuzzy days, exploring the internet? A source of inspiration? To connect with likeminded people and start a revolution?

If Yes, you’ve might have come to the right place.

If No, look anyway. ;)

Randomized II

Music Posted on Sun, January 06, 2019 17:38:59

My new song ”Randomized II” is the culmination of a period of studying of popular and classic music. To find the essence of the craft: Tonality, intervals, bass lines and much more.

It is building on a concept of combining chance with conscious choice for song-writing. A method used by David Bowie in his music career. But this doesn’t sound like a tune of David Bowie. Rather it is a progressive metal experiment with a sublime element of music ecstasy. Building upon the pentatonic C-Minor scale with additional tones fitting for the work as a whole.

I worked my ass off to present a work transcending my previous attempts that were more about good vocals and darkness and not equally much about song-writing in itself.

You be the judge of the end result. That in my opinion has much in common with Opeth’s music.

The things that made me build on earlier attempts were in my opinion the theory of bridges, bass work, the structure of classical music sonatas, drum work and orchestrations.

It was a joy to write that became much more rewarding in the end due to the attempt to work against lack of structure, find hard discipline and also the act of not repeating myself too much.

I was rewarded for it.

Download the song as a mp3-file here: Randomized II


Music Posted on Sun, December 30, 2018 19:18:25

An electronic experiment twisting the serious side of music around to create a work of sonic humour.

Listen and enjoy!

Download the song as a mp3-file here (with vocals): Disgrace With Vocals or without vocals Disgrace

Partial Isolation

Music Posted on Sun, December 30, 2018 19:13:41

A progressive rock experiment with classical influences sharing a story of personal rediscovery of the joys of isolation, philosophy, art and science.

A work I’m really proud of.

Download the song as a mp3-file here: Partial Isolation


Music Posted on Fri, October 05, 2018 23:14:27

Black Hole

It’s strange how it happens. During the end of summer 2018 the author began a new period of personal development marking a bold transition from his former life. It was a period where the auhor found inspiration in Stoic philosophy to transcend his previous notions of success. To Include all insights from the past but also to uphold and prioritize pure action resulting in the attempt to start a revolution.

It is about affirming suffering and enduring hells to make the body and mind adjust to the demands of professional work, erotic encounters and to move beyond what is expected using disciplines such as body building, martial arts and many others. But it is not a suffering resulting in personal sacrifice. Rather a suffering emanating from the human soul to find passion in tuff situations. About building psychological and physical muscles to endure the troubles in the now, the past and in the future.

The new written works of fiction including “Erratic Pain” , “Insignificant” and “Beginners” describe this mode of consciousness in a direct way. It is about the tuff demands of the information age. The negative aspect of power structures and to find a sublime pleasure in suffering itself. Leading to personal growth.

It is also about transcending the concept of The Universal Mind to find the way to the soul. Described by thinkers such as Carl Jung but also an individual thing. Leading to a sense of purity, dark emotion and a will to contribute something new to the world. Not limited to past legends.

Music Studio

A new piece of music called “Empty” describes this new mode of consciousness in a sonic way. It is about strong work ethics, not clouded by external demands. But to transcend the troubles of the world to make the world much more easy to grasp and conquer. Still not to the loss of other person’s wills. Rather the opposite.

As a sonic experience the new song uses inspiration found by analysis of all kinds of music. Including classical music, progressive metal acts and movie sound tracks. It is marking a new period for the author as a musician as he has adopted a more serious approach to write music aiming for revolution.

Listen and enjoy:

Futile Dimensionality

Music Posted on Tue, September 26, 2017 01:44:59

Here it comes: My latest art rock experiment “Futile Dimensionality”! It’s composed in a new version of an old tracker program for MS-DOS. An environment I truly enjoy on my Android device. Using complex melodies, strange vocals and a unique sound for starters.

Just listen and enjoy!

Futile Dimensionality


Music Posted on Wed, September 13, 2017 09:09:12

“Connected” is a song I wrote a year ago for a fun song writing experience. Using free software syntesizers and an electronic music tracker program.

Just listen and enjoy!



Music Posted on Thu, September 07, 2017 19:24:08

My latest progressive rock experiment “Plateaus”.

Composed in an old tracker program, with additional vocals and a cheap mixing studio. It was a nightmarish recording experiment, that collapsed under it’s own weight.

But it was finally solved in the end.



Music Posted on Mon, September 04, 2017 16:53:08

Here is a link to an old song I wrote in Heby, Sweden about the way out of depression.

Just listen and enjoy!


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