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Corporate Innovation

News Posted on Wed, September 19, 2018 17:41:33

It’s a fun thing. How things changes. I have gone from the shy guy with not much to say to became a real author (In the sense that I’m aiming for true art and to reach out to many readers around the globe) and to succeed in social contexts too. It is about my quest to overcome my introverted nature and to also succeed socially in the end.

Had a night in Vasteras, Sweden a week ago were I met a group of party animals to discuss such topics as the rules of attraction, communication skills and psychology. It went beyond my initial calculations. I have became a real author and also someone that can express that kind of thinking patterns to others aiming for a similar life style.

I think my new science-fiction story “Insignificant” can prove my new found approach to telling stories. That is that I invest much more time to find something that really interests me and to write from that kind of mind-set all along the way. And to also adopt a sense of style and language that fits the kind of story I’m trying to tell. But it doesn’t end with e-Books. These kind of thinking patterns have also made their way into how I craft my life. Especially in social contexts.

Nowadays I’m much more excited to apply for unconventional jobs. Bartending in this case. To apply for a job as a bartender on cool places close to the place where I live. I haven’t done the real part of the work yet but I estimate (built on talks with likeminded individuals) that I have a pretty good chance of success.

I’m doing it for the social experience but also for the chance of intellectual development this new career presents. For the money, for the chance to test my knowledge in areas such as psychology. Getting away from the abstract ideas to test them in real life. And to change approach if that is necessary.

I wrote a short story “Lost In New America” some time ago which represents the destiny of a typical guy that is aiming for an unconventional way to progress in his career. It was a horrifying blend of statements regarding the professional pursuit he had chosen but also a somewhat comforting message of adjusting to the parameters given in a capitalist society working by supply and demand.

I’m going for a similar trajectory myself. But this time of creating a business maybe specializing in odd bartending. Serving odd dishes and having an alternative choice of music and atmosphere.

I’m pulling myself out of my comfort zone step by step to attend seminars and later to have lectures on my own. Just to plant the message of research and innovation in areas such as writing, small business, rules of attraction and much more of the same kind.

My new novel “Beginners” about a couple of chess players during the time of the second world war will explore ideas such as these and present a path to the future with knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses (Primarily weaknesses) concerning the path to succeed in life beyond the chess game itself.

It’s surely a thrill ride.

Finally Finished

News Posted on Thu, September 13, 2018 02:34:27

Finished with the writing of my new story “Insignificant” that became all what I intended and more. It became a metaphor for my own journey. “Memoirs” if you like. But much shorter for effect.

I will present the work online tomorrow.

Sleep tight.


News Posted on Sun, September 09, 2018 00:00:04


Now I have been working on my novel “Beginners” about two chess players doing their thing during the second world war. Advancing on the board and connecting this knowledge with insights into money, relationships and power.

It has been a thrilling ride into chess tactics and strategy. Into bold manoeuvres on the board and several attempts to connect to the opposite sex. Getting unconventional work, attempting to work politically with a form of anarchy pushing others along their own paths.

It has worked beyond assumptions. I have to be truthful though. I have not formed a real relationship with any girl of my age yet. But several encounters have revealed it has become easy to build report. To make a good impression on girls using spoken language to convey confidence, common ground (attuning to the personality of the individual) and making myself more erotic just by adopting inner calm. Also using clothing (among other things) to make a good impression and adapting to a mode of body language to make things easier overall.

It is some of the points I will mention in my new novel “Beginners”.

Regarding chess I have finally become a real threat toward the opponent on my reading device. And just as I mentioned earlier this has emerged naturally as I found my weaknesses primarily had to do with too little attention put towards chess tactics compared to strategy.

Strategy (in the form I have implemented it) only took me beyond beginner blunders and made me more interested in the game itself. It is rather chess tactics that has given way for better resistance to my software program.

Chess is not only about memorizing concepts that worked before. It is the cold and calculating activity of consciously choosing to watch the board beyond preconceptions. Building on previous games but to decide actual moves adjusted to the position at hand. Evaluating several moves ahead. Including all opportunities and threats on the board.

Primarily (in my case) to find threats rather than opportunities.

It is an ongoing activity. And it is an intellectual faculty that can be developed over time. To evaluate what is important several moves ahead and to observe deviances in the way a game develops over time.

I have also seen that success with money can be built on similar principles. As adjustment to professional scenes at hand to a large extent can make one adept to advance short term. Requiring a fluid mind that at speed can form good decisions. Attuning to the collective flow.

When it comes to power I have seen the same principle work beyond assumptions. Adjusting to a social context by bypassing individual preferences and attuning to the individuals spoken to. By letting go of emotion, watching the scenes unfold and building creative decisions upon these chunks of information.

The difference between chess and success in power has very much to do with complexity primarily. As life itself is more complex than a game. And that to be guided by will and emotion (to balance intellectual rigor with emotion) can make it easier to leap into the unknown and still make it easy for others to attune to the leaders.

Confronting fears and changing perspective.

It is some of my insights and a thrill ride for sure.

With all this said I have finally made some other observations. And that is that I clearly can see parallels between my mode of writing and success in chess, relationships, money and power. It has become important to build on the will, investigate this will and finally abandon intellectual concepts for the Universal Mind.

It is a three-step process. Attuning to chess (or the collective) has to be combined with self-knowledge. Discovering purity, assuming purity and combining this new found mode of consciousness with the will of the collective.

How else to make a good impression on the opposite sex?

One has to distinguish oneself from others in order to build report. And finding a way to work that fits oneself. Not only others. This power of self-knowledge makes it easier to build motivation for creative expression later.

And to combine the personal with the collective is to choose personal emotions, thoughts and observations that actually fits the social (or professional) scenes at hand.

A large chunk of personal preferences are also to be cultivated to not make oneself too dependent on limited circumstances.

It is a journey towards an abstract goal. Something you need in order to push yourself beyond ordinary states of consciousness and becoming a ruler. Not with a will to force others under your command. Instead to build report. To attune to the collective (with knowledge of the will of others) with aspects of the self in combination with other person’s will. To mix the individual with the collective.

And in the end to forget about it and to just enjoy what is coming at you in the moment.

To forget the simple rules for the complexity of individual expression. Finding the way to additional emotion as you find the way to internal and external wholeness.

Also to abandon knowledge to some extent for an intuition built upon true life experience.

The Norwegian grand master in chess Magnus Carlsen has said that mastery in chess very much has to do with finding the way to this intuition as chess is very much about time. About a good intuition built upon true chess experience. Not only about a fast intellectual analysis taking too much time to make you a winner in actual chess games.

My greatest insight though is patience. That success in any context has to do with great motivation and endurance. Motivation that is needed to push beyond earlier horizons. To “suffer” on your own terms as you change perspective on “suffering”.

To walk the walk in new lands. As in chess (for me) to realize initial limitations and beginner weaknesses. An area I will explore in my coming novel “Beginners” at depth.

Stay tuned!

Current Projects

News Posted on Wed, August 29, 2018 15:13:25

Finished with a new short story “Erratic Pain” about a half-way blinded outlaw on a hunt for a dark knight. It is a story of beauty and wonder describing a fantasy setting and aiming to bend the rules of the genre. Also there is a theme of seeing and perception.

It is now available to be downloaded here on this blog.

Also continuing the work on “Beginners”. My new war-time novel connecting chess with relationships, money and power. The work that is exploring what chess can teach us regarding life as a whole. I’m going for a semi-professional mind-set of getting more routine regarding my writing projects. Just to get things done. Doing it for passion of course but infusing structure into the work.

Also I’m working in parallel with a new major science-fiction work “Insignificant”. Describing the memoirs of a future colony worker living in a rare solar-system close to a blue giant and this worker’s life seen with subjective glasses.

When I’m not writing I’m exploring nature around Vasteras, Sweden. Playing chess, meeting people and trying to earn money using unconventional strategies and tactics.

Hopefully making this knowledge creep into the writing of “Beginners”.

Stay tuned!

Chess Tactics

News Posted on Sat, July 07, 2018 23:44:21

Still advancing on my quest to become a better chess player. And I have played 5-6 games since my last post. What I have learnt since last time is that position evaluation skills, combined with short term tactics (evaluating 2-3 moves ahead) have made me a little bit more adept to combat my software chess program.

Still this software program has the advantage to a good margin. But one of my beginner weaknesses was that I earlier put too much effort in strategy and not so much in short term tactics.

Also I have learnt that it’s very important to find the way to original moves as the software on my reading device probably uses a deterministic algorithm to evaluate the game according to games played in the past.

What is needed is the exact and holistic approach to evaluate the whole chessboard 2-3 moves ahead. It’s a daunting task but a task I have taken upon myself to improve in the game. As I also have started to see this kind of thinking improve life as a whole. When it comes down to it I perceive life as a collection of choices changing the way one walks around in life.

And it’s all about the right choices.

Finding structure in this discipline and a fast evaluating mind that can adapt behaviour to the external scene at hand have changed the way I think about life in general.

Still it’s too much to say this is the answer to all problems. Far from that. Just the observation that becoming a fast and structured thinker have helped me immensely in the way I choose to craft my life (this has been going on for a couple of years since I ended my international travels) and that I have seen large benefits due to that approach.

And money, power and relationships can be thought of in a new way resulting in personal victories.

It’s just the beginning.


News Posted on Wed, July 04, 2018 20:12:07


The cover for my new war time novel connecting chess with relationships, money and power. The novel is still in the research stages though.

Still evaluating what chess can teach regarding life as a whole. And I have come to some conclusions: It is that chess changes the way one thinks. Getting away from simplistic solutions to evaluate life with a more complex approach. With rigor and structure. Seeing limitations. And countless principles building on the game to start to see life as a battlefield. Still not with a heartless attitude. Rather with discipline resulting in a more humanistic approach.

This might not be the case for all players though.

As for the game itself I have become a better player. But I’m playing against a software program. With clever algorithms. So it’s still very difficult to display a real threat towards this opponent.

What I have learnt is to get away from simplistic solutions and start to evaluate the game with many more principles. The challenge have been to integrate the different aspects of tactics and strategy. And the wisdom have been to play more and think less. Getting experience to transcend the simplistic notions of the game.

I estimate that I need two hundred more games to become an average player. And that is one of the hard facts of life. That the mastering of a new area demands patience.

New Strategies

News Posted on Thu, June 21, 2018 00:44:04

Continuing with my experiences with social encounters and events, chess strategy and other bilateral thinking models. It has paid off much better than expected.

So much in fact that my previous travels look pale in comparison. The travel journeys were adventurous to say the least. But my social experience have made me adjust my preconceived notions of people in general.

I can say that my respect for Swedish people have increased by a great margin. It was rather difficult in periods to overcome the fear of being ridiculed. But I have found out that some self-confidence, some adjustment to the social scenes at hand and some will to overcome initial suspicion made me overcome my previous introverted nature.

Social encounters have made me firm in a new belief that success in social contexts has more to do with a personal mind-set and less to do with strangers.

When it comes down to chess I feel completely elevated. The game has taught me the importance of putting emotions aside to watch the wholeness of the game unfold. Also to play more and evaluate less. As it’s easy to come to fast conclusions regarding the game but more experience has taught me that the game is too complex to be open to fast analysis.

Thinking in new terms but having a great arsenal of previous games in mind to find new solutions adjusted to past experience fitting for actual chess. As I have seen life unfold the latest months I have started to see that life very much have amounted to the same thing.

I’m reading a lot and that discipline have helped me on my path to find interesting things to say in conversations. Also being open to new experience (the totality of the scene) and gaining much more experience in social contexts instead of attempting philosophical evaluations.

A lot of principles can be derived from chess itself and many times those principles can be put to use in social contexts. As the game (a hypothesis of mine) was created to sustain intellectual development.

These are things that have crept into the synopsis of my new novel. Some kind of beast coming alive around the time of the second world war. In Nazi Germany primarily.

I’m also laying the ground for the operation of a new political system. Fitting for chess culture and great nations in general. That means anarchism to put it in some perspective. But simply not the concept “anarchism” derived from other sources.

It’s something more radical.

Strategic Thinking

News Posted on Tue, June 12, 2018 20:47:40

Half-way there. Still working on my new novel connecting chess with human relations and politics. It has been a suspenseful journey into chess strategy and tactics. Mostly strategy and many revelations have come on the way.

In a similar way I’m exploring human relations with a cold approach. As time on the net and in closed environments has its good points but clearly not successful (to me) as they are too constrained. Better to approach strangers in selected places as long as one keeps that simple, low-key and adjust one’s methods according to the wholeness of particular times and places.

Chess strategy has already helped me immensely even in real life. As strategies and tactics used in chess can be applied to everyday circumstances. This is a topic I will delve more deeply into in my new novel. And combining this knowledge with studies in modern psychology, the natural sciences and human history.

My prior phase of self-discovery (culminating in my discoveries in South-East Asia and later western Europe and South Africa) led me to revelations that drastically improved my life.

But the more recent phase of interpersonal inquiry and logical deduction has been much, much more rewarding. As an understanding of human history to a large degree has changed my view of revolutions, war and peace.

Resulting in a scientific understanding of power. (And how it operates according to local contexts in space and time).

One thinker on this path is the American author Robert Greene that has used the same method of inquiry. To transcend human notions of war, power and attraction. Not for selfish purposes but in order to transform how we look at these concepts from an enlightened perspective.

These writings have changed my life for the better.

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